Enterprise-grade Decentralized Solutions

Enterprise Blockchain Platform Implementations

With transactions on multiple computers, decentralized ecommerce on a “block” of data Buys, Sends, & Exchanges Crypto in an interoperability. Scalable, a governable protocol is an open internet with blockchain networks that enable other blockchains to work in conjunction with each other. This Enterprise blockchain platform implementations are evolving with artificial intelligence and IoT, and the IoV (Internet of Value) is blockchain’s new infrastructure of supply chains. Digital advertising is identity management, and the next innovative applications are going beyond cryptocurrencies. Implementing enterprise-grade decentralized solutions with P2P Network Connectivity Protocols & Ecosystems is the emerging software that distributes secure database connections with Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Tokens.

Exploring Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Decentralized Governance

Enterprise blockchain with a digital ledger that is from input, algorithms that are from autonomous programmatic advertising Buys, Sends & Exchanges Crypto, so a digital currency’s payment system of blockchain, smart contracts and tokens becomes the cryptocurrency, and decentralized ecommerce’s output is from shared input nodes for their programmatic advertising transactions with Network Connectivity Protocols & Ecosystems. Computational power from input divests a malicious actor, as network expense overrides the other actors on the network, a decentralized, consensus-driven decision processes is implemented in blockchain technologies. Buy, Send & exchanges with decentralization have irreversibility and traceability, so performance monitoring of input frameworks with open-source smart contracts is an ecology of blockchains, and smart contracts and cryptocurrency are dynamically deployed and engaged as a social engineering mechanism for Decentralized Governance.

Centralization vs Decentralization

Decentralized, Dematerialized Organizations

Output of a decentralized marketplace is the input conditions that Buys, Sends & Exchanges Crypto. Centralized marketplaces are unsustainable and non-compliant with today’s regulatory demands. Blockchain-based data monetization with a decentralized marketplace platform comes from astronomical amounts of data, and top down blockchain is a digital ledger that stores information in data structures called blocks. Bottom-up Network Connectivity Protocols & Ecosystems are the databases of shared information that makes the blockchain’s top down the emergent system. Software in a secure and decentralized manner, this blockchain technology allows user input to interact directly with one another, and this is a Social Transmedia. With a missing middle, add the protection against fraud and identity theft, the dynamics of social sharing is the new B2B modalities connected from user inputs that outputs a decentralized organization – dematerialized: no physical offices, assets, or even employees.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Decentralized e-Commerce

Converting the middleman’s profit Buys, Sends & Exchanges Crypto, and with input from the B2C that is the user, B2B advertising is to ledger contract ownership, so an Internet of Value as Social Transmedia is for shopping preferences. Encrypted and stored on the blockchain, third party advertising benefits to the B2C is an appreciation from B2B programmatic advertising. With input conditions as private keys, the user is the B2C, and the B2B adv output to public keys and their Network Connectivity Protocols & Ecosystems is the cryptography that connects top down blockchain ledger inputs. A bottom up database of crypto-economics is the sustainable operating protocols for trust-less and decentralized platforms. Decentralized e-Commerce is where users as the B2C establish the Internet of Value of blockchain-enabled advertising from B2B’s who buy advertising space from user input.

OneJoy- a decentralized E-commerce

Information-intensive Services

Data collection with Data-Based Value Creation in Information-intensive Services has organizational data assets, so users as B2C create a data economy, and B2B’s programmatic advertising digitizes information interactions. Facilitating value creation, B2B contributes to service innovation by assigning value to different types of B2C advertising data assets. Database automation is a bottom up Machine Artificial Intelligence Wrap, as the cryptocurrency called Social Transmedia is an access to a shared ledger, blockchain enabled AI is from the collective inputs that are the user conditions that connect shared intelligence, and output emerges from Information-intensive Services. Collaboration of many entities is the new x, so a revolution of decentralized ecosystems is changing the landscape of collective node states of AI economies. With product-market fits from top down input into a blockchain ledger, database server-side render of outputs from a bottom up is the B2B end-game of programmatic advertising to B2C’s value creation, so a decentralized e-commerce is the data mining that decodes unstructured big data and identifies advertising patterns with machine learning that is the fintech correlation of algorithms that aid data management with AI.

Collaborative Value Creation

One-way Hashing & Internet of Value

Decentralized e-commerce with Information-intensive Services is a cryptographic mechanism of conditional top-down input into an open source blockchain layer, and conversions with a bottom up parameter from a database MAI wrap is the public key. Outputs bottom up and intersect at top down for Data-Based Value Creation.

Top Down

Interconnected of nodes is in a Markle root’s tree data structure, so one-way hashing input is to output B2B’s programmatic advertising to B2C. An open source Blockchain Layer for Information-intensive Service is for a collaborative subculture, and the build and deployment of technology is from User narrative intersections of art and science.  AI identification of User control for trading and interaction with an interoperable, decentralized local to Global new crypto-economic space is called Social Transmedia.

Marketplace AI

Monetizing a missing middle, a Blockchain Layer is where the user is the B2C, and with digital programmatic advertising, Data-Based Value Creation scales and monetizes with Smart Contract Product launches. An open source interoperable architecture of User data with an address identity layer system allows people, products, apps and services and blockchain cloud providers, organizations and innovators to key into Marketplace AI.

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