Digital Interaction

Shared, replicated, and synchronized with a Decentralized Network, transactions and exchange of assets or data that is a Digital Interaction is transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable, and the Auditable History of datasets are nodes updating from top down input. Transactions are written into a new block on the blockchain, so marketplace transacts and owns value that supports a blockchain-based application, and a bottom up convergence of a database scales blockchain frameworks. Stacking private and public blockchain, with access control layers built into protocols, network participants control who can join and participate in consensus, so with an open permissionless blockchain, a parameter is where no one has control. Defining a new x is a Private blockchain option that’s an intersect of a Machine Artificial Intelligence’s y of a Marketplace AI.

Off Chain Database Scale

User input’s design choices that shape a Decentralized Network is a parameter with off chain databases, so identifying and connecting conditions of private keys and monitoring public, deployment at scale originates from disruptive dis-intermediation. Extracting commercial value from blockchain implementations is permissioned, so a transformative Social Transmedia is a global collaborative open source initiative, and the proof-of-concept of Digital Interactions is a multivendor decentralized marketplace that encourages permissioned commercial applications. With B2C and B2B seamless integration with a missing middle, a two-sided marketplace that inputs private key conditions, outputs network effects and connects a monopoly of the corresponding network of participants. Open-source integration of solutions that are on-demand based converge an off-chain mechanism to scale billions of transactions per second.

Blockchain, Tokens & Smart Contracts

User input that grows a network of value is the Digital Interaction of a seamless integration of a blockchain layer of GamifiedApp, so with its top down convergence with a  blockchain-enabled decentralized e-commerce and marketplace, stakeholders unlock value from data. Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Tokens monetize open source protocols for decentralized applications and exchange, and with a bottom up of a database architecture of Gamifiable’s network effects of a Decentralized Network that introduces new revenue streams for users and data, token value increases are from EPUBS 3.0.s, games, fintech software, animation and auteur filmmaking with digital music and collectables. Programmable capital of Tokens is a new currency and settlement layer of Social Transmedia. Token value appreciation from EPUB 3.0.s that scale into games enable data and transactions in a decentralized blockchain based protocol. Expanding the network increases token value.

Tokenization of Network Affects

Accessing an underlying centralized platform of Gamifiable with the narrative of decentralization with GamifiedApp, tokenized ecosystem captures the value of the network, for the new dimension is from the what of how problems are solved with services rendered across the internet with Digital Interaction, and token networks align network participants in a Decentralized Network. With a top down decentralizing network and systems architecture, GamifiedApp manages data and carries out transactions of the common goals of tokenization. With the input from a private key to operate on blockchain on GamifiedApp, digital Identity is from user narratives. The B2C is in a system that is resistant to centralized control or failure, and Gamifiable is a central mediating authority that is a distribution convergence with GamifiedApp‘s endpoints.

What are crypto collectibles? (Cryptokitties, VGO etc)

Multimedia Branded Marketplace

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