Space Exploration


Delivering content on an ongoing basis from GamifiedApp‘s open source paradigm for information exchange and apps, value creation of users that are the B2C is permissioned from its  permissionless open source layer, as there is scale, stability, and security for a Governance Model and Blockchain Implementation with the bottom up MAI wrap, a permission intersect of Gamifiable with GamifiedApp‘s top down DAO integration, transactions of social data from peer-to-peers is the B2C’s decentralized marketplace, and network tokenomics create advertising design incentives in B2C networks. Programmatic advertising’s new x is the y assets that have accessible financial services with intrinsic satisfaction of discovery and delivery from a MAI mathematical model that’s a bottom up strategic interaction between top down rational decision-makers.

Web 3.0

AR/VR – XR and MAI, an IoT and an IoV, blockchain and crypto converge to form Web 3.0. Reinvention of the web is cloud-based solutions with autonomous technology on a global stage, and a Governance Model is the top-down. Public tokens of GamifiedApp access Gamifiable’s bottom up for a private and permisssioned decentralized marketplace. Social Transmedia is the Blockchain Implementation, as machines and AI define a new x for the y of our physical world, the public underlying blockchain is for another layer, so GamifiedApp‘s intersect with Gamifiable’s end-to-end data analytics is from user imputs. New sources of unstructured data with a Blockchain Implementation of Web 3.0 is an innovative form of information processing, as enhanced insight and decision-making is for the programmatic adv’s top down, enterprise communication with Gamifiable‘s autonomous database is B2B’s advertisng ecosystem that is an underlying token’s crypto-economics that distributes output to B2C’s missing middle’s digital ecosystem.

What is Web 3.0?


Gamifiable’s commoditization, a platform that has a value proposition to deliver quality products at competitive prices, a software IP with and is the data valuation of GamifiedApp‘s organization of data assets from user input. With transaction costs a Governance Model of Blockchain Implementation, customer service and innovation for data valuation are the phases of blockchain-based financials, as actionable guidelines for valuing and commercializing data assets with space-exploration is FAANG’s ( Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) emerging business phenomenon in a data economy. Driving value for customers with organizational data assets by issuing tokens through a parameter of public and private blockchain layers that converge with a mainstream and valuable IP that focuses on China’s AI Dream and its space-exploration, API access of e-commerce listings from retail websites integrate the identification of customers and segments.

Speculation, Contracts & Sales

Creating more value with financial transactions has an emphasis on asset verification, record keeping, and data privacy, so scaling into the video-game market from EPUB 3.0s to a Blockchain Web Game, mobile development and to a AAA title is the localizing of simplified Chinese with SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed‘s blockchain Web Game that launches an IP with an inherent value that builds long-term business with a decentralized e-commerce trajectory.

Beyond here be dragons!

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