Seed AI

Decentralized Exchanges

Scaling gaming experiences based on a blockchain backbone that creates native in-game tokens drives seamless transactions with Decentralized Exchanges, as GamifiedApp‘s top down with Gamifiable‘s bottom up shares common database infrastructure with ledger technology, multiple parties are involved in the Proof of Provenance. Inputs in a decentralized asset exchange is for the verifiable scarcity of virtual objects and collectibles, and rules governing participants are Gamified Ethnographic Nodes with an objective immutable log. An external public layer is an access for developers to monetize their creations, and management in the ecosystem are the transaction rules that change infrequently.

Robot Process Automation

An internal culture of Social Transmedia is the permissioned Robotic Process Automation that outputs to an intermediary platform, as an intersect of private, public and permissioned conditions that connect for blockchain solutions is for authenticity, the retention of programmatic advertsing value is from user narratives of past ownership. With games and technology, EPUBs serve a higher purpose that is to divest readers that need a tactile experience of holding a book, for marketing optimization is for the delivery and conversion with the crypto-economic trajectory of Asia and particularly China. With a new era of streaming that broadens the appeal of existing franchises, localization will be enabled to run on under-powered devices – India.

Self-brand Overlap Omnipresence

With consistent communication of user input as the B2C,  prospecting Proof of Provenance is the B2B programmatic advertsing activities that create meaningful user narratives that resonate with an end to end B2C. Markeplace AI audiences driven from Gamifiable‘s bottom-up MAI business outcomes improves alignment of crypto-economics, so new opportunities for business results is the Decentralized Exchanges with immersive and addictive technologies. However, governance is the revenue optimization that puts the user as the B2C, so B2B advertsing interaction enables Robotic Process Automation to intersect and parameter around the customer to generate value. Revenue optimization with crypto payments is at where GamifiedApp and Gamifiable’s self-brand overlaps are an omnipresent customer journey with Ethnographic Gamified CRMs.

Algorithmic Attribution

AR/VR – XR touchpoint’s Proof of Provenance are deep-linked with autonomous vehicles and smart cities, so giving rise to a new generation of mapping, technology convergence is the intelligent competition that is pushing the boundaries of innovation. Digital mapping with artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing with data artifacts, EPUBs deliver far more complex geodata, as ecommerce, drones, and forms of mobility require real-time updates for richer data, algorithmic attribution uses machine learning to build on the analysis and learnings of previous campaigns. User input is analyzed from an attribution model that evolves and becomes smarter, so with the new x that is the y of a B2C revenue cycle management, B2B programmatic outputs are the analytics of a missing middle’s products with decentralize e-commerse.


Capitalizing off partners, customers, third parties and Government entities with Proof of Provence, autonomous natural language processing to intersect CRM technology with B2B nodes are the Decentralized Exchanges that advertise their self-brand overlaps from deep links that machine learn with Gamification Actor Networks, as Robotic Process Automation is seamless with Proprietary technology, an integration of the Ethereum Smart Contract Web game of SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed with GamifiedApp and Gamifiable’s autonomous database’s bottom up, scaling and developing evolutionary algorithmic artificial agents is spontaneous execution from B2C input, for self-creating neural network machine learning recursively designs itself for a trajectory of an Artificial General Intelligence and super-intelligent search engine and seed AI for B2B programmatic output.

Training a Seed AI

Beyond here be dragons!

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