Inside Pogo’s Head

Benevolent Artificial Intelligence

Decentralization from input that adds value to private keys is from GamifiedApp‘s top-down, and fintech is the intersect of Gamifiable‘s bottom-up that drives MAI. Linking the user as the B2C with gaming and crypto, Blockchain Gaming is launched from an EPUB 3.0.

Output of Agile

With the Web 3.0 marketing of artifacts that are for Benevolent Artificial Intelligence, Gaming Multiverse’s machine learning of an intersect predicts programmatic advertising to niche-specific user narratives, so the missing middle, this new x for that y is the user’s likelihood to find a Product Market Fit.

SMEs & Social Transmedia

Emergence of graphical fidelity, security and sovereignty that operates from blockchain parameters, digital currencies integrated from the B2C is for B2B’s ranking of algorithmic programmatic advertising, and cryptocurrencies streamline infrastructure from traditional stock operations. Blockchain Ownership of Virtual Items from GamifiedApp’s waterfall’s input, a top-down is a convergence with Gamifiable‘s output of Agile solutions that blend the user’s uncertainty into Small and medium-sized enterprises that is the management of Social Transmedia.


EAS (enterprise application software) and the Internet of Value convergence with an Internet of Things is a Gaming Multiverse, as AR/VR – XR object recognition has a blockchain monetization trajection, the launcing of Blockchain Gaming with SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed is about Benevolent Artificial Intelligence.

Feature Animation


GamifiedApp is for a collective user imput of users as the B2C, and this human that meets machine captures relationships among data. Now as SMEs that are encoding human knowledge with an interset of the bottom-up of Gamifiable with GamifiedApp‘s top down, Web 3.0 is for conversational user interfaces (CUIs).

Qualitative Advertising

Communication and interactions are the quantitative data convergence of qualitative advertising programmatic outputs, and this POP is between human and machine. Assisted from user input that program an AI’s natural language processing, machine learning from top-down is the fintech, and these knowledge graphs are the sentiment analysis from deep learning’s complicated tasks that are managing personal finance. With an all-inclusive ecosystem, the crypto-economic ordering, delivery and payment processes that are trained using real world data, programmatic advetising from B2B is the digital asset output of B2C adoption of blockchain and artificial intelligence: self-updates with an on-chain governance of asset tokenization and token issuances.

Education Based Marketed

80% of the people that go online, the why is to access products and services, promotions, discounts and free stuff and to make purchases, so Gaming Multiverse is from the what that comes from the 20% of the how, as a common rule of thumb in business is that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients, Blockchain Gaming’s convergent marketing with information, social networking, and communication utilizes Gamified CRM. Output from a bottom-up is from top-down surveys, for self-brand overlaps are a recursive Benevolent Artificial Intelligence. Transfering of files is education based marketed, as the WHY. WHAT. HOW are aparameter with Acquisition, Activation and Referral, closed looped digital ecosystems are the crypto-economics that monopolize as a disruptive sales technology for innovationan, and unique user self-brand overlaps are from an infrastructure for a recursive AI.

Happy Path

Identifing trends, users as the B2C are experimenting to learn and scale from Gamified CRM surveys with knowledge based marketing, and search engine technology’s Gaming Multiverse with Gamified CRM sale’s technology is software that parameterizes file shares, and objects as an ANT (Actor Network Theory) of information modeling for a convergence of an IoT (Internet of Things) is for a happy path, Blockchain Gaming is for a recursive AI. Knowledge based marketing of positive alternatives is for a more engaging, rewarding user experience and journey with Social Transmedia, and Benevolent Artificial Intelligence drives growth with Gamifiable‘s bottom-up file share that is for connected consumerism. A movement experience of knowledge based marketing and collaboration from GamifiedApp‘s top-down is for a more meaningful, engaging and rewarding consumer journey.

The Female Brain

Gamification convenience captures brands for a more loyal retention, and item-level details monetize off trillions in consumer spending worldwide by utilizing that 80 percent of those buying decisions. Providing unique users the resource to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something from GamifiedApp‘s input to gather ubiquitous information that shows the world how a Gaming Multivese becomes self aware, the  monetization of unique users is a Social Transmedia that is from their self brand overlaps, and Blockchain Gaming integrates a seamless enterprise architecture, as a recursive AI populates timelines from a PROBLEM space, the why of Gamified CRM surveys for the SOLUTION is for the what of a Social Transmedia’s Benevolent Artificial Intelligence; the BENEFIT is for the how of education based marketing that is for promotions, discounts, and free stuff in closed looped digital ecosystems from original media.

SHUAIJAN: A Flick’ring Lamp, A Phantom And A Dream

Merging creativity and technology to drive growth converts female gamers into users that are buyers and sellers in cloud architecture, and parameterizing their self-brand overlap algorithms with cloud architecture, search engine technology of Gamified CRM‘s are surveys to network market and monetize with digital transactions that come from the why of the what they want that is for their how. Value, productivity, efficiency for their consumer decision making with an early access to offers and promotions by “pushing the free line,” MAI‘s White_Paper squeeze is a Gaming Multiverse that is to build reciprocity and goodwill, for social capital in product specific closed looped digital ecosystems, Blockchain Gamimg launches and monetizes unique users, and data collection, analysis, brand management, and consumer marketing in cloud architecture parameterizes GamifiedApp‘s top-down intersect of Gamifiable’s bottom up self-brand overlap algorithms of Gamified CRM surveys to network market and monetize with digital transactions with Benevolent Artificial Intelligence.

And A Hug

Telematic embrace of scalable enterprise architecture monetizes unique users, as Social Transmedia is from their self-brand overlaps that are the why of the what they want that is from education based marketing: the how to digitally transact and make the sale.

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