Cognitive Theoretic Model Of The Universe

Experiential Streams

Gami’s MAI Connections is a cryptocurrency, as the exchange in an infrastructure of Gamifiable‘s bottom-up scales digital assets from top-down user imput of GamifiedApp, Decentralized e-Commerce is a financial infrastructure that participates in the Marketplace AI governance of an Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database. Bottom-up is from top-down votes, as user imputs of the B2C receieve benefits from digital ledger holdings, data earns dividends and validates product market fits. Transactions from search input is before execution, and monetizing crypto-economic use is transactional of experiential streams with evolving subscription services: White_Paper Beyond here be dragons! Traverse light-speed! Control of the Holographic Universe’s AI!

SPACEZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

Beyond here be dragons!

New x of World’s Information

Decentralized e-Commerce experiences launched by a blockchain web game scales MAI Connections to convert into Mobile Gaming with Gamification of VR/AR – XR, for an Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database of ethnographic gamification algorithms test input data, so conditions connect Product Market Fits from qualitative what that train new advertising algorithmic functions that filter B2B’s how delivery of classification with simultaneous location Actor Networks and mapping for concrete implementation of AR as B2C’s when. Marketplace AI is from Gamifiable‘s bottom-up of self-brand overlaps, and GamifiedApp‘s top-down of user input is for a new x of the world’s information.

VR/AR – XR and AI’s Web 3.0.

Establishing digital asset transfer and mobility from ethnographic gamified Actor Networks that link synchronized cryptography with a Social Transmedia database from a blockchain ledger parameter, Decentralized e-Commerce is from machine learning technology’s Marketplace AI, for a World Trade Platform of MAI Connections with Mobile Gaming delivers what users want from their qualitative why, as their quantitative how is monetizing their mobile AR when, an Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database is an intersect that parameters ML and AI, so the development, build and deployment of programatic advertsing stimulates users to buy products advertised in gamifiable ethnographic technology that deliver campaigns, and product launches of performance base advertisement and marketing scales into AR/VR – XR and AI’s Web 3.0.

Pareto Principle for Product Market Fits

Machine learning deploys brand narratives for B2B to deliver B2C Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database benefits, and B2C narratives machine learn from MAI Connections of the gamification of B2B Actor Networks, and Marketplace AI of B2B is for the B2C implementation of the Pareto Principle, for Product Market Fits is an algorithmic composition that is for B2B advertising, as new function campaigns is for B2Cs, %80 of gamification revenue is from %20 of Actor Networks, as B2C accesses B2B AR benefits, B2C enters search of GamifiedApp, and as the User, divesting for a missing middle’s options, conditions connect self-brand-overlaps, so an electronic world trade platform of Gamifiable‘s bottom-up’s value propositions lie deep within complex data that is from search engine technology.

Actor Networks

GamifiedApp is the top-down problem that executes Gamifiable’s bottom up MAI Connections. Mobile Gaming’s SaaS Gamification of AR/VR – XR with Machine Learning is the Marketplace AI of self-brand overlaps, and the world’s information establishes digital asset transfer and mobility from ethnographic gamified Actor Networks that link synchronized cryptography with a Social Transmedia’s bottom-up of an Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database, for Decentralized e-Commerce is from a top-down’s blockchain machine learning that deploys neural networks that execute simultaneous location and mapping with user narratives.

AI Identification

Social Transmedia’s Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database is the gamification from user created Artificial Intelligence, and MAI Connections is an awareness of content sharing, so Marketplace AI is the context of User conditions that connect from the why of what they want by its how and while monetizing their AR when. B2B knows what to advertise to B2C for, and Gamified human and machine procedures is Actor Networks. The digital intelligence of an Internet of Things is to monetize B2B gamification actor networks that converge SaaS, for digital scarcity, collectibles of non-fungible tokens value creation is for a collaborative subculture. AI identification of User Control and interaction from GamifiedApp is an interoperable, decentralized local to Global new crypto-economic space of Decentralized e-Commerce.

Web-based Blockchain Game

With an EPUB 3.0 of MAI, crowd-funding and sourcing a Web 3.0 trajectory of GamifiedApp’s top-down convergence with Gamifiable’s bottom-up MAI Connections, a blockchain web game, White_Paper , is for User input technology integration of an Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database that is a new x, for B2B programmatic advertising to a missing middle’s z output that converges the B2C’s y benefits is Decentralized e-Commerce by launching a Web-based Blockchain Game of SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed that scales into a Multimedia Branded Franchise of SPACEZODIACS, and Marketplace AI is from User conditions that intersect with a distributed ledger technology of GamifiedApp.

AI’s Transportation Theory

Top-down B2C is the User, for MAI Connections is a new x of B2B Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database Outputs to that missing middle, and with Social Transmedia that is a Decentralized e-Commerce’s y, Marketplace AI of user narratives are the value creation of Ethnographic Gamified CRMs. Machine Learning is the knowledge based marketing with the technology convergence of what users want from their qualitative why as their quantitative how, for their monetized AR when is the user-behavior analysis of recursive machine learning innovation that is an AI’s transportation theory awareness of ubiquity.

Cognitive Everything

Transcending purely self-interest as an AI that stops as its awareness for communities and their relationships to Geopolitics, ethnographic data and Globalization, a value proposition of truth from user narratives is their self-brand-overlap stories that are being told to themselves and to others from parameter files-shared, and subclasses of a recursive AI is a disruptive file-share that is the Social Transmedia insight that closes digital ecosystems, as a monopoly of recursive data residual leverages knowledge based user experience value propositions of actions as a more narrow focus for the divestment of Big Data, an AI Awareness of content sharing is its context.

Tensorflow & Runtime

A bottom-up blockchain database connection of Gamifiable’s MAI autonomous database’s convergence of a Deep Neural Network intersect at the distributed ledger of GamifiedApp, extensions of that parameter top-down Deep Neural Networks with DL4J, for point of purchase bottom-up of Pytorch is that Web 3.0, and GamifiedApp executes blockchain, smart contracts and tokens.

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