Perception, Location & Map

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A.J.McCready, the former starter of Longacres Race Track. Knowing about that rape, the culture of lies perpetuated will be clarified by me, a loop with the Department of Justice, the FBI and transparent with Gov and media. The President and acting DOJ await my follow-up to this =>

I had spoke with Sylvia McCready, the harbor of this criminal who is in alliance with my mother Janyce Langlot, and this “silent killer” is not my circumstance.

My mother was and is required by law to hold A.J. McCready accountable, and she can still be prosecuted for child endangerment. My step-brother, sister on east side and my hereditary family on the west side of the state too, they are criminal and have been complicit for decades. Santa Anita Park Race Track and local area definition, my follow-up will initiate Federal oversight of state, so that day of reckoning is soon!

I cured Hep seven years ago!

I believe that the property in Tukwila Washington belongs to me, and I believe I have a right of that expectation to claim it! This agenda is to set the record straight. There is no selling of the Property in Tukwila, negotiations to do so and it will be kept “safe,” should a nuclear physicist or an abroad, particular with China, they can appreciate that surveillance Real Property definition.

Washington State horse racing, all parties involved during the term of my father’s illegal activity, which spans decades and 10 of 1000s of races, all acquaintances, employees and the like is Jurisprudence to ban horse racing in Washington State, a local with global scope as well as civil, criminal repercussions.

I vett everyone, at all times – have email, two cells and snail: you do not “walk up,” or any other pathological indoctrination attempt. I am busy with what I will do and there will be a firm demarcation with data registered on the blockchain, immutable and an addendum for reference and scale.

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

― Elie Wiesel