Emergent Gamified Generated Markets


With an early-stage startup, GamifiedApp‘s Distributed Ledger has P2P Blockchain Technology, and there is Digital Currency. Called “gami” with an ERC-721 Token of “SZT,” crowdsourcing information, launching a totally virtual, telecommuting holding company entity, there will be no office space, all employees are remote; all is needed is an internet connection. With 5G now available, there will be no geographical restraints. With AI driving a company culture from the launch of a Web-based Blockchain Game called SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed, scale with Mobile and Video games is working where, when, and how you want. There’s no corporate office, so being better at something, not confined to a single zip code, an international clientele is from local to global scope.


Token Markets

P2P Blockchain Technology Security Token Offerings, sharing of ownership is recorded on the blockchain. In conjunction with Token Markets with existing AR and blockchain-based technologies, GamifiedApp‘s performance management of user input, licensing to third party developers from contract into digital tokens, Gamifiable‘s bottom-up’s store-within-platform reduces transaction costs of buyers and sellers from its output to a missing middle, so allowing users as B2C local players that enter a crypto-economic ecosystem, direct contact between buyers and sellers is with gami as a Digital Currency.

Gamification Markets

With contract securitization as an autonomous database with blockchain support, integrating cryptocurrency payments with tokenized gaming with a blockchain web game of SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed is a revenue stream for dedicated players and traders alike. With GamifiedApp‘s digital asset trading feature for buying and selling blockchain-based items, an algorithmic misdiagnosis solution space is for B2B programmatic autonomous advertising to B2C.

Open Markets

Replacing Network Markets

Initiating a tokenized economy, a totally virtual, telecommuting indie games start-up launches with a token th. Incentivizing early adopters to crowd-fund a web-based Blockchain Game of SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed, GamifiedApp‘s top-down Deep Learn ability to transfer value from a virtual world intersects a bottom-up digitization of the physical world with Gamifiable‘s MAI wrap. Converting the rights of real-world assets into a digital token and stored on GamifiedApp‘s blockchain’s decentralized ledger is a cryptocurrency-based model. Replacing networked markets for the y of decentralized market’s z is the B2B programmatic advertising to users that are the new x of users’ missing middle’s B2C.

Tokenization of Things

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