Misdiagnosis Solution Space

Node Combinatoric Actor Networks

Monetizing Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Tokens sources a Web 3.0 trajectory of GamifiedApp’s top-down convergence with Gamifiable’s bottom-up MAI wrap, and using communication protocols to attach extraneous information onto data packets from input, Proof of Concept to integrate a real world misdiagnosis solution space into GamifiedApp is the development and launch of a Beta trajectory. Censorship-resistant with units of value, facilitating distribution and sharing of rewards and benefits with the User the B2C, organizations converge at where  B2Bs interact with Ethnographic Gamified CRMs. With competition for digital assets to buy, sale and or trade from the Gamification of B2B programmatic adv’s misdiagnosis solution space is an access of Gamifiable’s bottom-up platform acquisition that maps GamifiedApp‘s activation.

Name And Identity’s Missing Middle

Users are the B2C. Blockchain use case leverages a trustless digital identity scheme. Outputs of Name And Identity with B2B programmatic advertising to GamifiedApp‘s top-down Deep Learn Ability to transfer value from a virtual world intersects a bottom-up digitization of the physical world with Gamifiable‘s MAI wrap. B2C’s decentralized ecommerce’s NLP’s digital economies and crypto-economics with Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s Behavioral Trees is the adoption of GamifiedApp’s Blockchain and distributed layer’s intermediary that machine learns with Root Cause Analyses and outputs server-side programmatic autonomous advertising clusters that contain P2P User Narratives that are for B2B’s top-down and trustless advertising to B2C’s missing middle. Series A financing trajectory is to provide a misdiagnosis solution space at where blockchain revenue is at 23.3 billion U.S. dollars in size by 2023. Executing a WeChat model monetizes Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Tokens is a Web 3.0 trajectory of GamifiedApp’s top-down convergence with Gamifiable’s bottom-up MAI wrap.


A decentralized governance system with Ethnographic Gamified CRMs is from top-down Root Cause Analyses that is deep learned with cryptographic controls, and Gamifiable’s bottom-up is the rule of code with an AI wrap, as tokenomics of GamifiedApp’s launch is from a Blockchain enabled Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with Storage, Asset Transfer and Mobility and B2B advertising to B2Cs that are Users for Marketplace AI with an EAS (enterprise application software) Internet of Value that is from Smart Contract data science and its Digital ledger parameter with databases, monetization and scale with GamifiedApp’s Input conditions that connect Output of Product Market Fits from qualitative what  trains and formats domain-specific knowledge, for new advertising algorithmic functions filter and format B2B’s how delivery of classification with simultaneous location Actor Networks and mapping for concrete implementation of AR/VR – XR’s data insights.

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