User Generated Delivery Assets

Black Swan AI Event

With GamifiedApp‘s crypto-economics and currency’s public block-chain layer’s top-down input into an open source’s messaging of social transmedia, user input activates its peer-to-peer (P2P) structure, as building, training and deploying AI/ML models with Gamifiable‘s bottom-up acquisition, China’s state policy promotes the development of blockchain technology: a new x is an access option for its copy that monetizes domain specific metrics of predictive data modeling with an ethnographic Gamified solution space that’s a perpetual enterprise transformation. Users as the B2C are the publishers to that missing middle, for Gamifiable‘s artificial intelligence production processes is a bottom up server-side render of b2c users that output programmatic advertising, and  b2b Ethnographic Gamification technology is at where Users interact, exchange digital assets of competing blockchains that are the Gamified crypto-economics’ value creation consensus of Social Transmedia for  Marketplace AI.

Real Estate Is About To Be Tokenized

Alpha, Beta and Pre-sale

Alternative assets are for a cryptocurrency misdiagnosis solution space of GamifiedApp, as Web 3.0 is the complex communication at an intersect of GamifiedApp‘s top-down root cause analyses that deep learns users that are the B2C’s input, both online and offline environments are an interoperable architecture of User data with a blockchain address identity layer system that allows people, products, apps and services, Blockchain cloud providers, organizations and innovators to key into Marketplace AI with decentralized ecommerce from the launch of an Ethereum Smart Contract web Game of SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed’s seamless integration with GamifiedApp’s top-down and Gamifiable’s bottom up that executes Smart Contracts, Blockchain and Tokens.


Gamifiable‘s acquisition is from existing social accounts, and GamifiedApp‘s activation of immutability, transparency and decentralization is a new x. Enterprise blockchain anchoring is from B2C narratives. Public or private blockchain, dynamics are the blockchain games market that integrates a technological convergence of a distributed ledger and an enterprise blockchain, for use cases will span across multiple industries to US $ 2.3 billion in 2021.

User Generated Content


GamifiedApp‘s Blockchain and distributed layer’s intermediary that machine learns with Root Cause Analyses and outputs server-side programmatic autonomous advertising clusters that contain P2P User Narratives that are for B2B’s top-down and trustless advertising to B2C’s missing middle is an event-condition-action of Gamifiable‘s Acquisition trigger, as different motivational outcomes are Activated by GamifiedApp‘s interconnection among users that are the B2C Actors Networked in an intelligent gamification Marketplace AI environment, meaningfulness from game design elements from a Blockchain Web Game development called SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed is for real-world contexts, so GamifiedApp‘s non-gaming purposes with social relatedness is from B2C narratives that influence Gamifiable‘s programmatic autonomous advertising outputs. With Gamifiable‘s bottom-up Artificial Intelligence wrap of GamifiedApp‘s top-down machine learn intersect with a Web 3.0 trajectory, the application, implementation and integration of game design elements enhance Gamified Ethnographic CRM’s value, for a decentralized anytime, anywhere, anyway omnichannel is for B2B’s insights that are advertising benefits to Gamifiable‘s B2C’s Data Culture driven by MAI.

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