Missing Middle Ownership

B2C Digitized Ownership

Launching permissionless markets with decentralized ecommerce for product market fits with a Misdiagnosis Solution Space, GamifiedApp‘s top-down input from users that are B2Cs is for a Root Cause Analyses, as Deep Learn’s data access objects are the only copy from B2C input, an abstract interface output from Gamifiable‘s bottom-up’s autonomous programmatic advertising is from GamifiedApp‘s mapping of Blockchain transactions that allow users to control their data through private and public keys, so users are the B2C, and a missing middle is a market owned by B2Cs at where third-party intermediaries are not allowed to misuse and obtain data. The missing middle’s decentralized e-commerce is managed within a secure infrastructure at where multiple parties can interact through a peer-to-peer-network that records immutable transactions.

Blockchain P2P Networks

User’s B2C Product Fit

Replacing networked markets for the y of decentralized market’s z with B2B programmatic advertising to users that are the new x of users’ missing middle’s B2C, converting the rights of real-world assets into digital tokens that are stored on GamifiedApp‘s blockchain’s decentralized ledger with a cryptocurrency-based model are communication campaigns, as self-brand overlaps are from the divestment of the users, market is between image and reality, and being between digital and real, self-brands are the market of self-presentation, so a new form of the cognitive hegemony of global brands is the B2B advertising that is empowered by storytelling from product-user fits to the product-market fits of B2B’s bottom-up adoption of Gamifiable‘s acquisition, for GamifiedApp‘s activation of enterprise software is the B2B Output Database Connections that convert Users into B2C’s value creations with behavioral tree input of Gamified Ethnographic CRMs.

Gamification and the Future of Education

Social Transmedia

With a bottom-up blockchain database connection of Gamifiable‘s MAI autonomous database’s convergence of an intersect at the distributed ledger of GamifiedApp, self-brand overlap’s new x is a reduction for recursive competitive spatial intelligence of node combinatorics from input, and with output of infinity that executes the Social Transmedia of GamifiedApp’s fintech that is an open Source Blockchain layer on GamifiedApp’s collaborative subculture, User narrative intersections of art and science is the AI identification of User control for trading and interaction of an interoperable and decentralized local to Global new crypto-economic space called Social Transmedia.

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