One To Zero

Independent Markets

Gamifiable‘s Virtual Teams are collaborative efforts that achieve shared goals with an AI leadership of a top-down and bottom-up convergence with a Web 3.0 trajectory of a DL intersect, so a Technology Platform’s Misdiagnosis Solution Space is the user that extends as the B2C. Contribution to a collective work is the B2B programmatic advertising that is connected to and paid by the consumer’s condition. Technology-enabled with an AI Leadership from token-as-licenses that are advertising keys, Gamifiable‘s acquisition Technology Platform Activates GamifiedApp, and with an open source blockchain intersect at where the B2C is receiving B2B benefits, control is an autonomous trajectory, as the B2C is a new x, the y is Gamified Ethnographic CRMs, and the z of decentralized e-commerce is independent businesses that have access rights to the top-down, bottom up convergence of a MAI wrap for Market copies of the new x.

Big Business

Decentralized Streaming

Digital Rights Management recruits remotely, and without any regional barriers with a Technology Platform’s Misdiagnosis Solution Space, remote workers are the users that are extended to the B2C’s, and optimizing timeliness at where Blockchain is a 41 Billion Dollar US Expenditure by 2025,  user conditions from a Root Cause Analyses of Name and Identity inputs are Social Transmedia, for decentralized advertising connects B2B to a Missing Middle. With SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed‘s launch as a Blockchain Web Game, partnerships at the publisher level is the delivery tracking that is from market conditions that connect affiliate, decentralized advertising, and with more users in Social Networks than on centralized e-commerce platforms, supply chain payments and marketplaces of Name And Identification are from B2B advertising that is for B2Cs, and Social Transmedia merges transactions from a top-down activation of a bottom-up streaming of B2C services.

Rendering Network Models Obsolete

Gamifiable‘s bottom-up Technology Platform’s Misdiagnosis Solution Space shifts the condition of the B2C with the top-down of GamifiedApp‘s Root Cause Analyses of Name and Identity, as the competitive advantage of a Missing Middle renders traditional network’s operating models obsolete, Digital Rights Management of remote workers is the innovative products and services that are independent of the technology, as a new x channels the y that engages B2B advertising to Markets, the z is the crypto-economic recovery with the Healthcare Industry’s inititialization, and an all-in-one basis is the brand loyalty from self-brand overlaps of conditions that connect the tokenization of everything. Digitization and path to purchase with user narratives that have been extended as the B2C is the customization and personalization of Social Transmedia’s Market.

Entertainment Marketing


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