Self-brand Overlap’s AI

Recursive Iteration

The new x for y is the z with the self-brand overlap intersect of GamifiedApp‘s top-down parameter and Machine Artificial Intelligence convergence with Gamifiable‘s bottom-up wrap, so an acquisition that launches an activation is an end to end digital re-usability of data; from 1 to 0 to 0 to 1 is Social Transmedia: deriving revenue from financial services is the #FintechofEverything that breaks into the mainstream consciousness, as #IndependenceAndDecentralization is the crypto-currency ecosystem of #NameAndIdentity, Crypto-economics are from the Actor Network’s Ethnographic Gamified Nodes.

Divesting Networks

Intersecting, paradigm shifting innovation with blockchain mobility, data access and distribution is the social fabric of an Affective Computing with smart contracts. Enabling users that are extended as B2Cs receiving B2B programmatic advertising token benefits, a #TokenizationOfEverything is a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation, so an interconnection with Web 3.0’s smart contracts automates essential and non-essential processes with tokenization functionality: decentralized e-commerce is the Market that divests networks and connects multiple blockchain services.

Decentralized Corporation


Input Value

With Gamifiable’s strategic data acquisition, data warehousing is a service of the two G’s; interlocked for an internationally-recognizable symbol, user narratives of B2Cs are converted into a Missing Middle for a Fintech of Everything, so B2Bs intelligent design is from the mathematical rationale behind an AI-first start-up’s Name And Identity’s Tokenization of Everything, and GamifiedApp’s top-down data science’s deep learn wraps with rapid gains in user count, revenue and profits.

Blockchain Gaming And Output

Scaling with a blockchain game called SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed with a Fintech of Everything’s activations from GamifiedApp‘s top-down’s non-fungible tokens with entertainment software, a fintech software-powered parameter that has p2p blockchain, smart-contracts, and with the fungible Tokenization of Everything, crypto-economics, tokennomics and with a Machine Artificial Intelligence wrap of GamifiedApp‘s top-down Root Cause Analyses that is a deep neural network machine learning for Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s with an Internet of Information’s self-brand overlap’s Name And Identity’s internet of value is Gamifiable‘s bottom-up strategic data acquisition of Social Transmedia, and consumer recommendations are in a gaming ecosystem.

Market Adoption

With B2C User Ledger Conditions that Intersect B2B Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database Connections For Decentralized eCommerce, a Tokenization of Everything is an all-in-one communications with the distributed ledger technology of GamifiedApp that is a top-down B2C that is the User, as input conditions are for a new x of B2B programmatic adv Outputs to a Missing Middle’s Fintech of Everything, Social Transmedia is a decentralized e-commerce’s y of user narrative value creation of Ethnographic Gamified CRMs, so with a Blockchain game launch, an extension of a Seed round is from the convergence of GamifiedApp’s top-down activation from Gamifiable’s Market Adoption that divests networks with Name And Identity’s Independence and Decentralization.

Root Cause Analyses

Monetizing a Fintech of Everything and scaling Name And Identity with B2C’s decentralized ecommerce’s NLP’s digital economies and crypto-economics with Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s Behavioral Trees, adoption of GamifiedApp‘s Blockchain and distributed layer’s intermediary that machine learns with Root Cause Analyses outputs server-side programmatic autonomous advertising clusters that contain P2P User Narratives that are for B2B’s top-down and trustless advertising to B2C’s Missing Middle, as GamifiedApp‘s crypto-economics and currency’s public block-chain layer’s top-down input into an open source’s messaging of Social Transmedia is a totally virtual, telecommuting company, B2C Input User Conditions For B2B Output Database Connections are  converting Users into B2C’s value creations with behavioral tree input of Gamified Ethnographic CRMs Tokenization Of Everything.

Your Money Shot

Fintech of Everything’s open source in-memory clusters are contained data structures, for storage of decentralized ecommerce that is the database cache and message brokerage of top-down client intersects of a Tokenization of Everything, the predictive algorithms parameter a centralized and sever-side’s Deep Learn of Name And Identity’s Misdiagnosis Solution Space, and  B2C conditions of $750 billion misdiagnosis costs are   connecting a Missing Middle to B2B’s advertising to pharma spending of 1.5 trillion. Programmatic advertising’s end to end Misdiagnosis Solution Space scales GamifiedApp with the Global healthcare market of 13,000.10 billion.

Decentralized e-Commerce

Executing a WeChat model with Blockchain,  Smart Contracts and Tokens sources a Web 3.0 trajectory with a Fintech of Everything, so GamifiedApp’s top-down convergence with Gamifiable’s bottom-up MAI wrap is User input technology of Name And Identity that is a new x for B2B programmatic advertising to a Missing Middle’s z output that converges the B2C’s y benefits, so the Tokenization of Everything with fungible token’s value creation is for a collaborative subculture,  as an AI identification of User Control and interaction is an interoperable, decentralized local to Global new crypto-economic space of decentralized e-commerce, B2C User Ledger Conditions Intersect B2B Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database Connections For Decentralized eCommerce.

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