AI Cloud

Runtime Decentralized CRM

Fundamentally Shifting CRM interaction with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), GamifiedApp’s activation from Gamifiable’s acquisition is a software-based, digital AI cloud centered driven with an automated open source marketplace on-demand service algorithmic data operating model. Providing the Global health-care market of 13,000.10 billion an Interoperable’s Missing Middle of B2B’s advertising connections aligned with pharma spending of 1.5 trillion to B2C conditions of $750 billion misdiagnosis costs, Ethnographic Gamified CRMs from Root Cause Analyses input conditions extend users as B2Cs. Intersects are for a new x with C2C narratives, for output B2B benefits to y clusters contained on z‘s decentralized e-commerce with ad-based revenue is a Social Transmedia: Fintech, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence.

Blockchain for CRM

Strategic Data Acquisition

Critical mass with Pharma convergence of an Internet of Things for an Internet of Value, condition of India’s %90 source of generic Pharma aligned with China as the world’s leading materials provider to the Global Pharma Industry of 1.5 trillion top-downs with a blockchain enabled Deep Neural Network Machine Learn Root Cause Analyses, and with tokens, smart contracts and currency, Fintech, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence monetizes user input extended as B2C’s that intersect C2C narratives, for Ethnographic Gamified CRMs are a new x for AI centric y’s decentralized e-commerce with ad-based revenue to B2B’s bottom-up output of Machine Artificial Intelligence’s strategic data acquisition and warehousing.

Blockchain for Supply Chain

Pharma Supply Chains

Converging blockchain architecture into a Pharma AI centric database management by recombining and transforming social media and e-commerce into a misdiagnosis solution space of Social Transmedia’s missing middle’s database connections is a fintech software-powered parameter that has p2p blockchain, smart-contracts, and with the fungible tokenization of everything, crypto-economics, tokenomics and with a Machine Artificial Intelligence wrap of GamifiedApp‘s top-down Root Cause Analyses that is a deep neural network machine learning for Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s with an Internet of Information’s self-brand overlap’s internet of value is Gamifiable’s bottom-up strategic data acquisition of Social Transmedia.


Recursion Transformation

Fintech, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence disrupting and undermining traditional e-commerce with decentralized Ethnographic Gamified CRMs is a new x from a top-down Root Cause Analyses, as its recursion call is simplified for y that is the one to zero with an extended user that becomes the B2C from input, deep learn intersects of C2C narrative methods are knowledge based how, for the what is doing who, why, where and when, so transforming zero to one divests metrics into another version of x. Providing B2B programmatic advertising and market opportunities by transforming the nature and variety of e-commerce activities is Social Transmedia’s Machine Artificial Intelligence scale of a digital operating model of GamifiedApp’s activation from Gamifiable’s AI output acquisition with decentralized e-commerce.


With no products, distribution and or fulfillment centers, there is no product or service that GamifiedApp’s activation from Gamifiable’s acquisition that does not have a value proposition in a missing middle of Social Transmedia’s decentralized e-commerce Market with an ad-based revenue, for AI identification of Fintech, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence: user control and interaction with a Machine Artificial Intelligence’s Root Cause Analyses, an interoperable decentralized local to Global new crypto-economic space of decentralized e-commerce outputs Ethnographic Gamified CRMs.

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