Simulacra AI

Replacing Networked Markets

Transforming the financial industry and replacement of existing payment, trading and banking infrastructures, Blockchain Gaming assets are as valuable as tangible assets, so with GamifiedApp‘s activation of input that is  the Proof of Provenance of specific virtual items, digital tokens from blockchain payment benefits are from a  bottom-up acquisition of Gamifiable‘s AI output, and with games market to surpass $200 billion, replacing networked markets with B2B programmatic advertising to users extended as B2Cs are the new x, as  missing middle is an AI Market from input, user control is the output of this new crypto-economic Misdiagnosis Solution Space of decentralized e-commerce.

Consensus, Condition and Connection

Social Transmedia

Fintech software-powered parameter that has p2p blockchain, smart-contracts, and with the fungible Tokenization of Everything, crypto-economics, tokenomics and with a Machine Artificial Intelligence wrap of GamifiedApp‘s top-down Root Cause Analyses that is a deep neural network machine learning for Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s with an Internet of Information’s self-brand overlap’s internet of value is Gamifiable‘s bottom-up strategic data acquisition of Social Transmedia.

Top-down Condition Input For Deep Learn


Building a p2p message brokerage’s Misdiagnosis Solution Space is an API to clean, normalize and integrate Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s from a top-down Deep Learn Root Cause analyze of C2C narratives that are the Proof of Provence extension of user input activation. The new x is for y’s B2C that is from bottom-up acquisition of AI Cloud Centric output of B2B benefits to a missing middle’s ad-based AI Market, and decentralized e-commerce provides distribution of B2C’s content copies that intersect C2C narratives with copies of the copies for B2B benefits in a missing middle’s Fintech, Gamification and Artificial Intelligence’s Tokenization of Everything.

Phama and Healthcare

Name, Identity, Meaning

A convergence transformation of ecommerce and social media into z’s self-brand overlaps simlacrum Machine Artificial Intelligence’s Social Transmedia is Ethnographic Gamified CRMs from Root Cause Analyses input conditions that extend users as B2Cs, so intersects for a new x with C2C narratives’s Tokenization of Everything output are for B2B benefits to y clusters contained on z‘s decentralized e-commerce with ad-based revenue, a Social Transmedia: Fintech, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence to attain critical mass with Pharma convergence of an Internet of Things for an Internet of Value.

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