C2C’s AI

Autonomous Programmatic Advertising

GamifiedApp’s activation of Smart Contracts, Tokenization and Currency is from B2C User Ledger Conditions. Outputs at an Intersect with B2B Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database Connections with Decentralized eCommerce is from a Top-down Deep Learn that is the new x from Gamifiable‘s high-performance legacy transaction processing, for scalability of a Machine Artificial Intelligence Wrap with a blockchain’s changing parameters that train Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s what, do, who, why, where and when, input defines knowledge based marketing, as the how embedded in workflows is the Social Transmedia, the output of self-brand overlap’s transparency, accountability, and collaboration is the y, so the file sharing project management tools of z’s missing middle is an all-share combination of C2C Narratives.

Online Advertising 129 Billion Dollar Industry

Virtual Goods Asset and Trade

Top-down Deep Learn intersect self-brand overlaps of C2C Narratives input Ledger Conditions output Gamifiable‘s Database Connections with Autonomous Programmatic Advertising with Decentralized eCommerce, as with virtual goods, asset and trade, users are extended as B2Cs, so they are free-to earn from their top-down Deep Learn Intersect that bottoms-up AI with a Fintech Business Decentralized Application a GamifiedApp’s top-down cloud based server-side pipeline, as Gamifiable’s real world solution of B2B autonomous database insights for programmatic advertising to B2Cs with a Blockchain enabled Decentralized Autonomous Corporation is a Machine Artificial Intelligence convergence, GamifiedApp‘s activation from Gamifiable‘s acquisition with its misdiagnosis solution space integrates input recursion and iterates latent retention.

Digital Market

AI Story’s Extension

User-behavior analyses of Database Connections are an AI’s narrative transportation theory, as Ledger Conditions converge technologies from C2C user narratives, they extend as B2Cs for a self-brand overlap parameter with an AI, as a Social Transmedia insight of Database Connections residual a Top-down Deep Learn Intersect and leverage a divestment of Big Data into a missing middle that monetizes analytic, Decentralized eCommerce from  Gamifiables acquisition is from conditions that connect from the why of what B2Cs want that is the Autonomous Programmatic Advertising from B2Bs how of C2C Narrative when, and ethnographic Gamified CRMs Product Market Fits are ontological ethnographic paradoxical algorithms.

Narrative Transportation Theory

Convergence Technologies

Gamifiable‘s Database Connections of self-brand overlaps with the world’s information establishes digital asset transfer and mobility from Ethnographic Gamified CRMs, as Ledger Conditions are from a Social Transmedia’s blockchain machine learning, an Autonomous Programmatic Advertising technology convergence deploys simultaneous location and mapping with C2C Narratives from a Top-down Deep Learn Intersect, as user conditions connect gamified human and machine procedures, the digital intelligence of when on an electronic trade platform’s Decentralized eCommerce is the knowledge based marketing with an AI’s transportation theory the transcends purely self-interest, for communities and their relationships to Geopolitics, ethnographic data and Globalization are the convergence technologies of Gamifiable; user input extends as B2C with a value proposition of truth from C2C Narratives that self-brand-overlap their stories that are being told to themselves and others from parameter metrics of a recursive AI’s digital ecosystems.

Convergence Theory


Optimizing and deploying Gamifiable’s acquisition from top-down user extensions from GamifiedApp‘s activation of C2C Narratives with an AI awareness of content sharing that is as its context, conditions connect from the why of what they want by its how. for its when with convergence technology reconnects from the qualitative what of Ledger Conditions, so Autonomous Programmatic Advertising is the Database Connections that are self-creating crytpo-ecosystems with an AI awareness, as a missing middle is the Decentralized eCommerce from user qualitative what, B2B benefits are quantified by C2C Narratives that are manufacturing recursive analytics of Ethnographic Gamified CRMs.

Product Market Fits

Ledger Conditions in cloud architecture by the parameterization of self-brand overlap algorithms, product market fits are from conditions that form product specific advertising and function of Top-down Deep Learn Intersects, for digital transactions are coming from the why of what they want that is monetizing from their how’s when.

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