Prototyping AI

Decentralized Missing Middle

GamifiedApp‘s activation enables anyone to have anything delivered to them on-demand, for C2C intersects from unsupervised top-down input bottoms up Ethnographic Gamified CRMs. A Decentralized Missing Middle is from Reinforced Clusters, as Containers of Supervised Output is an Interpersonal Communication with a P2P message brokerage, conditions of user inputs are extended as the B2C, and C2C Narrative Connections are the Personalized Recommendations of Blockchain-based Applications. A Decentralized Identity Mechanism, an integration with Blockchain Games decentralizes in-game assets via non-fungible tokens, so a new asset class is Decentralizing Name, Identity and Meaning, and the tangible advantages of a user is extended to a B2C for B2B benefits from C2C Narrative’s Missing Middle. With no products, distribution and or fulfillment centers, GamifiedApp’s activation from Gamifiable’s acquisition with an ad-based revenue is from Gamified CRM node’s supply chains.

Gamified CRM Names

Social Transmedia is from Ethnographic Root Cause Analyses Condition Inputs that are from Digital Identities that Connect Outputs. Gamified CRM Names (products) are data stored on a distributed and decentralized network. User Control and interaction input extensions as B2Cs is an interoperable second system B2B output on C2C Narratives, so converging Social Media with eCommerce that is projected to hit $4.9 trillion by 2021, four billion social media users from Ethnographic Gamified CRMs extended to B2Cs for B2B benefits, C2C Narratives are their P2P Interpersonal Communication. The Missing Middle of an AI Cloud Centric start-up’s copies of copies of Fintech, Gamification and Artificial intelligence is a convergence transformation of e-commerce and social media from Gamifiable’s digital distribution platform.

Network effect

Prototype Strategy

A decentralized eCommerce ad-based Market acquisition of Gamifiable’s Reinforced Clusters bottom-up output of C2C Narratives, as supply chains are users extended as B2Cs with unsupervised top-down input of GamifiedApp’s activation with blockchain protocols that are for database management containers of supervised A/B transactions, a Missing Middle is for B2B benefits of a P2P message brokerage and API that cleans and normalizes with Machine Artificial Intelligence to buy, sell and trade with Smart Contracts, Tokens and digital currency.

P2P message brokerage’s API

Reinforced Clusters bottom up of Gamifiable‘s acquisition from a top-down unsupervised input activation of GamifiedApp’s supervised A/B output containers is the Material Design surface of Interpersonal Communication’s skeleton with Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s Actor Network nodes.

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