GamifiableGames LLC will file mid August 2020 with Gamifiable LLC second choice.



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Beyond here be dragons!

Casual Multiplayer shoot’em up 3D flying race game’s Warp Speed puzzles of meme social generations from Bubble Universes for Android and iOS.

Using Unreal Engine

Chinese Zodiacs Blockchain Game’s Collectible Tokens

  1. Multiverse Holographic Universe blockchain role-playing digital collectible non-fungible tokens to traverse light speed.
  2. First ten pages of screenplay will define a Game Concept and developing Game States‘ iteration.
  3. Every ten pages of the screenplay is a game installment.
  4. Twelve Mobile Game installments with three month life-spans scale into a Multimedia Branded Mobile/Video Game Franchise.


Game Development






  • wireframe.
  • prototype.

A decentralized eCommerce ad-based Market acquisition of Gamifiable’s reinforcement leaned clusters bottom-up output of C2C Narratives, as supply chains are users extended as B2Cs with unsupervised top-down input of GamifiedApp’s activation with blockchain protocols that are for database management containers of supervised A/B transactions, a Missing Middle is for B2B benefits of a P2P message brokerage and API that cleans and normalizes with Machine Artificial Intelligence to buy, sell and trade with Smart Contracts, Tokens and digital currency.


Cluster reinforcement learn bottom up of Gamifiable‘s acquisition from a top-down unsupervised input activation of GamifiedApp’s supervised A/B output containers, Material Design is the surface of Interpersonal Communication’s skeleton with Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s Actor Network nodes.

P2P message brokerage’s API
B2B adv benefits to z’s decentralized Market

Integrating the Game Studio into the fourth and Market slide of Pitch Deck soon as with all below, that development is taking shape with Game Design Document and Budget transparent then:

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