Decentralized eCommerce

New x is public input trigger of  Gamifiable’s on boarding’s user acquisition; action and reward is GamifiedApp’s seamless feature integration of permissioned output clusters: decentralized containment on B2C homepage – the missing middle’s programmatic adv convergence of y.

for (B2B benefits.adv) {

return Free;


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CEO/ Founder ECMcCready


Software Development Stack

This is the software end that has the Smart Contract Web game integration for real world solution application. There is an Entertainment Software, Mobile and Video Game dev with Unity and Unreal Engine, leading with Unity.

Also, it is a continuous rift with “Hollywood” and I am no longer interested in healing it, more apt to dev with Unity on animation and shoot independent outside of festival circuits and embrace the gig economy context, an influence with market based adjacent possible.

I have personally found the Oscars revolting and festivals a three ring circus. Nobody gives a f any more and neither do I.  Look, I have lots of French blood in my veins.

Games will drive all innovation with AI and ML and the primary objective.