Internet of Information’s Self-brand Overlaps into an Internet of Value



Software Development

(fungible and nonfungible)





Market the adoption =>

How can I do better?

That’s the stack iteration trajectory, AI first start-up, so expect to have a prototype model on my end to fund its development to outsource UI/UX designer.

=> forming the entity, totally virtual and telecommuting and with that combination, that iteration off my model, we go to funding the MVP – seed and series A.


Unicorn trajectory/one year: (docs are dynamic and developing)

  1. $50,000 – prototype/holding company entity, totally virtual.
  2. $250,000 – pre-seed builds MVP.
  3. 10,000,000 – seed, deploys and product launch.
  4. $100,000,000 – series A scales.

Prototype Developing …

iterations, questions and problems’ design process

I will put together a low fifelty iteration, engage questions and solve. After, I will outsouce and work with UI/UX designer to prepare a higher fidelity iteration that will be used to fund the Minimal Viable Product. Once the MVP is built, Seed and then Series A will be sought. Although, we start small, this concept will scale.

Prototype Proof of Concept Artifacts



  • Market.
  • Team.
  • Product.
  • Distribution.
  • Traction.


  1. MVP.
  2. Seed.
  3. Series A.


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