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Name, Identity And Meaning

Report, Adendum_1 (writing), Auteur:

Launch API and MVP

A p2p message brokerage and API to clean, normalize and integrate Ethnographic Gamified CRM from a top-down Deep Learn Root Cause analyze of C2C narratives that are the extension of user input activation, the new x for y’s B2C is from bottom-up acquisition AI Cloud Centric output of B2B benefits to a missing middle’s ad-based Market with decentralized e-commerce, and distributing B2C’s content copy that intersects C2C narratives with a copy of the copy for B2B benefits in a missing middle’s Fintech, Gamification and Artificial intelligence is a convergence transformation of e-commerce and social media into z’s self-brand overlaps simlacrum Machine Artificial Intelligence’s Social Transmedia.

Launching GamifiedApp’s activation from Gamifiable’s acquisition a software-based, digital AI centered driven with an automated open source algorithmic data operating model providing the Global health-care market of 13,000.10 billion an interoperable’s missing middle of B2B’s advertising connections aligned for the games 200 billion dollar market and the trillion dollar space exploration trajectory with pharma spending of 1.5 trillion to B2C conditions of $750 billion misdiagnosis costs that end to ends with the Global eSports three billion dollar market.


With no products, distribution and or fulfillment centers, there is no product or service that GamifiedApp’s activation from Gamifiable’s acquisition that does not have a value proposition in a missing middle of Social Transmedia’s decentralized e-commerce Market with an ad-based revenue:



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