Internet of Information’s Self-brand Overlaps into an Internet of Value

fintech, gamification, artificial intelligence

Providing Global healthcare market of 13,000.10 billion an interoperable missing middle’s B2B’s advertising connections aligned with pharma spending of 1.5 trillion to B2C conditions of $750 billion misdiagnosis costs:


fintech of everything

(fungible and nonfungible)


Gamifiable’s strategic acquisition objects activate GamifiedApp‘s method’s arguments for Market.

Machine Artificial Intelligence

blockchain mobile game extends pre-seed’s scale of a MVP for Seed that converges Gamifiable‘s acquisition of GamifiedApp‘s activation with Fintech, Gamification and Artificial Intelligence.


Decentralized Autonomous Corporation

process automation, profit optimization, and innovation

Condition is Private Key input of users extended as the B2Cs with top-down’s Root Cause Analyses of DL4J that points to outputs, as Connection is Public Key from a bottom-up of Gamifiable‘s acquisition that launches and activates GamifiedApp’s intersect’s Relational Database, PostgreSQL with a p2p message brokerage and blockchain layer, smart contracts, tokenization, and currency, theDAC is the cryto-economic trajectory of Web 3.0 of an MAI wrap with Pytorch.


Prototype Proof of Concept Artifacts



  • Market.
  • Team.
  • Product.
  • Distribution.
  • Traction.


  1. MVP.
  2. Seed.
  3. Series A.


Decentralized Autonomous Corporation is the Web 3.0 trajectory, as sales vehicle to B2B to advertise programmatically – that tokenization is the Data Science of Gamifiable‘s AI acquisition’s bottom-up parameter with GamifiedApp‘s top-down Deep Learn for a Machine Artificial Intellegence Wrap: an AGI trajectory is the sustainable technology.


  1. Strategic data acquisition.
  2. Unified data warehouse.


  • End to end DNN Speech-Language Pathologist for a child’s awareness of I/O.
  • User generated cognitive: self-recursive infinite nests for AGI.


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