Networked Markets

  • Open, Random, and Supportive.

B2C Input User Condition For B2B Output Database Connection



Converts Users into B2C’s value creation with behavioral tree input of Gamified Ethnographic CRMs, and Root Cause Analyzes of GamifiedApp’s Distributed Ledger Layer integrates Redis, as an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory clusters are contained data structures,  storage of decentralized ecommerce is the database cache and message brokerage of top-down client intersects: predictive algorithms parameter a centralized and sever-side with PostgreSQL that is supported by DL4J misdiagnosis solution space.

Monetize B2C conditions of 750 billion dollar misdiagnosis costs and connect a missing middle to B2B’s advertising to pharma spending of 1.5 trillion with GamifiedApp’s programmatic advertising’s end to end of the Global healthcare market of 13,000.10 billion. 

Enabling B2C’s decentralized e-commerce’s NLP’s digital economy and crypto-economics of name and identification of Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s Behavioral Trees, Blockchain and distributed layer’s intermediary machine learns with Root Cause Analysis and outputs server-side programmatic autonomous advertising clusters that contain P2P User Narratives that are for B2B’s top-down and trustless advertising to B2C’s missing middle.

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  • first quarter 2020.

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