1.1 B2C User Ledger Conditions Intersect B2B Autonomous Programmatic Adverting Database MAI Connections For Decentralized e-Commerce:

Distributed ledger technology of GamifiedApp is a top-down B2C that is the User, as Input conditions are for a new x of B2B programmatic adv Outputs to that missing middle, a Social Transmedia is a decentralized e-commerce’s y of user narrative value creation of Ethnographic Gamified CRMs.

With a bottom-up blockchain database connection of Gamifiable‘s MAI autonomous database convergence of a Deep Neural Network intersect at the distributed ledger of GamifiedApp, extensions  parameter top-down Deep Neural Networks with DL4J for a point of purchase bottom-up of Pytorch as that Web 3.0 – Tensorflow runtime, so GamifiedApp executes blockchain, smart contracts and tokens.

An EPUB 3.0 called MAI bootstraps and crowd funds an Ethereum Blockchain Web Game launch of SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed that scales into seed and Series A with a Mobile and Video game Multimedia Branded Franchise of SPACEZODIACS: entertainment software, fintech software, multimedia and decentralized e-commerce.

1.2 GamifiedApp’s decentralized e-commerce’s MAI.

Self-brand overlap’s new x is a reduction for recursive competitive spatial intelligence of node combinatorics from input, so output of infinity executes the Social Transmedia of GamifiedApp’s fintech.

An open Source Blockchain layer on GamifiedApp is for a collaborative subculture, for User narrative intersections of art and science is the AI identification of User control, for trading and interaction is an interoperable and decentralized local to Global new crypto-economic space called Social Transmedia.

Ethnographic gamification algorithms test input data, as conditions connect Product Market Fits from qualitative what that train new advertising algorithmic functions that filter B2B’s how delivery of classification with simultaneous location Actor Networks and mapping for concrete implementation of AR/VR – XR’s AI as B2C’s when, Storage, Asset Transfer and Mobility is B2B advertising to B2Cs.

Missing Middle’s Users with an EAS (Enterprise Application Software) Internet of Value that is from Smart Contract data science and its Blockchain, Digital Ledger Database parameters, Social Transmedia is from AI-driven recommendation algorithms that monetize crypto-economics with programmatic B2B advertising that is goal-driven from B2C dialogue that monetizes User Narratives.

With a bottom up server-side render of B2C users that output programmatic advertising, B2B Ethnographic Gamification technology is at where Users interact, exchange digital assets of competing blockchains that are the Gamified crypto-economics value creation consensus of Social Transmedia for Marketplace AI.

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