eSports Futures

Players Play Crypto-Asset Market Delivery Self-brand overlap’s service with GamifiedApp’s convenience is User input, and the B2C’s delivery option for B2B is economies-of-scale. With self-employed and temporary jobs developing markets, local networked markets are divested. The market of a Global Workforce founds a totally virtual, telecommuting holding company, as employees will be choosing their own […]

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Emergent Gamified Generated Markets

Dematerialization With an early-stage startup, GamifiedApp‘s Distributed Ledger has P2P Blockchain Technology, and there is Digital Currency. Called “gami” with an ERC-721 Token of “SZT,” crowdsourcing information, launching a totally virtual, telecommuting holding company entity, there will be no office space, all employees are remote; all is needed is an internet connection. With 5G now […]

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Future Digital Assets

Programmable Crypto-economics With a blockchain layer that has a behavioral tree input, the user’s condition is for the Touchpoints And Revenue of GamifiedApp‘s Financial Services. Logging in agreements on a missing middle’s decentralized e-commerce’s Root Cause Annalyses, Ethnographic Gamified CRMS is at an intersect at where B2Cs and B2Bs are linked by smart contracts. Genertated […]

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Changing The World

Entertainment Marketing Entertainment Marketing, all an auteur, – an influencer evolves from any demographic root, so launching a domestic and totally virtual, telecommuting entity is a content producer, for brand owners – users as the B2C from GamifiedApp’s top-down expands use cases, for blockchain with its layer’s API is at where other things blockchain are […]

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Chinese Millennial And Gen-Z Consumers Gathering Data from an EPUB 3.0 of AGI is a design strategy, so Artificial General Intelligence is an abstraction with Natural Language Proccessing, and usage strategy of a proposed venture backed startup leverages machine learning from input. An emerging IP is launched by a Blockchain Web Game called SPACEZODIACS Warp […]


AGI’s Game of Life

Behavioral Data Maps Enhancing algorithms from user input is the output of product offerings, for sales channels of big tech’s Platform, Services and Games is GamifiedApp’s famework of a crypto project. With a Web-based blockchain game of SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed, user narrative’s self-brand overlaps become a decentralized ecommerce. Auxiliary financial products with crypto industry and […]

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Cognitive Theoretic Model Of The Universe Experiential Streams Gami’s MAI Connections is a cryptocurrency, as the exchange in an infrastructure of Gamifiable‘s bottom-up scales digital assets from top-down user imput of GamifiedApp, Decentralized e-Commerce is a financial infrastructure that participates in the Marketplace AI governance of an Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database. Bottom-up is from top-down […]

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