Branded Multimedia Media Tech start-up:


  1. Hook:

WARP SPEED WITH CHINESE ZODIACS: Beyond here be dragons! Traverse light-speed! Control of the Holographic Universe’s AI!

Blockchain Web Game integrates GamifiedApp and Gamifiable and scales into a Multimedia Branded Franchise with Mobile & Video Game – AR/VR – XR

  • Description/game overview.
  • A list of key features, including its Unique Selling Points (USPs).
  • Game genre.
  • Platform.
  • Target audience.

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

Anime Feature

  • Development of this screenplay is to convert it into an EPUB 3.0. Novel series and a mobile/video game franchise.
  1. Synopsis.
  2. SPACE ZODIACS Screenplay.

First draft of four, on second page below and @ about 1000 words per page of the above’s 120 pages:

  • EPUB. (@2585, third page of script – first draft of four).
  • Game_States – dev, first draft, five of 20.
  • (game state flow-chart dev after 20 game state’s first draft).
  • (Game Concept dev after first draft of 20 game states  and first ten pages of prose.)



  • racing adventure’s hyper-casual cross platform gaming experience and monetising digital collectibles using elements of blockchain:


Developing Game States/Story/ Flow off the first ten pages with two states per page for twenty states  in 2D now in Unity, working with Unreal Engine too,  a convergence trajectory with the blockchain Web Game the Token leader.

  1. Blockchain web game scales into mobile and cross-platform video game.

Game Concept

Game design – dev in 2D off the first ten pages of the anime feature SPACE ZODIACS Synopsis in Unity.

20 game states, two per page and iterate, convert that prototype into a blockchain web game and scale into Mobile and then Video with Unreal Engine.

Game States

Again, 20 game states will be off the first ten pages of the screenplay and connected in a flow chart and developed into a 2D Unity gameplay, and that will convert into the Blockchain Web Game design that scales into a 3D Mobile Game in Unity and Video Game with Unreal Engine.

  • The Blockchain Web Game will crowd fund off AGI’s realease with a 50k budget trajectory, with development time a three month window done in the SEZ of Shenhzen China.

During the development of the narrative of the game, those ten pages for 12 installments, each page of screenwriting is being converted to prose at 1000k words per page, so at the end of the first ten pages, there will be 10,000 words, a prose version of that part of the screenplay for the proposed 120k novel series.

Those that opt-in, recieve the White_Paper and participate to fund the Blockchain Web Game will not only get this unique digital asset of AGI, the Blockchain Web Game when it is built, priority access to Gamifiable and its GamifiedApp feature, they will recieve the first EPUB 3.0 of the novel series of SPACEZODIACS.


SpaceZodiac Tokens

( “twelfth man,”  so model is two ride the Qilin is insight)

  • cricket, gameplay architecture model.
  • third person shooter, race and adventure with social communication.
Star Shooters:
  1. Pang Pig.
  2. Randy Rat.
  3. Roxi Ox.
  4. Tommy Tiger.
  5. Bunny Rabbit.
  6. Danny Dragon.
  7. Simple Snake.
  8. Happy Horse.
  9. Billy Goat.
  10. Mo Monkey.
  11. Rodger Rooster.
  12. Puppy Dog.
Space Warriors:
  1. Raven.
  2. Cool Cat.
  3. Biggie Dog.
  4. Black Scorpion.
  5. Al Alligator.
  6. Tony Turtle.
  7. Freaky Frog.
  8. Gary Grasshopper.
  9. Charlie Crane.
  10. Mickie Mantis.
  11. Any Ant.
  12. Leonard Leopard.

Development (an evolving iteration):

  • (DApp Web Blockchain Game).
  • Smart Contract Game iterates into DApp Business feature.
  1. crowd fund plays forward with a White_Paper.
  • budget @ 50k/10 pages.
  • email list here.


  • Mobile – (Android and iOS).
  • (Video Game).

Interation & Scale

2D and then 3D Third Person Shooter RPG Mobile/Video game from its first ten pages. Budget set for first ten pages for a Mobile Game is 100K with 12 installments and three month life-spans


Game Concept

Those that access AGI off the blockchain and play forward to crowd fund and build a blockchain web game that scales into 2D/3D and Mobile to Video – AR/VR – XR, Game Concept will be included in the Opt in White Paper squeeze.

The Game Concept will be part of the development of the first ten pages of the feature anime SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace, so there will be 10,000 words, translation and transmedia of the proposed 120k, an EPUB  and a synopsis as to how that ends too.


I will give those that play forward to crowd fund an appreciation token once I finish that novel, so the $9.99 they pay for AGI, 104k words and an abstract art, that is a presale for the EPUB (Synopsis). Also, they get the Blockchain Web Game .