Misdiagnosis Solution Space

Node Combinatoric Actor Networks Monetizing Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Tokens sources a Web 3.0 trajectory of GamifiedApp’s top-down convergence with Gamifiable’s bottom-up MAI wrap, and using communication protocols to attach extraneous information onto data packets from input, Proof of Concept to integrate a real world misdiagnosis solution space into GamifiedApp is the development and launch […]

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eSports Futures

Players Play Crypto-Asset Market Delivery Self-brand overlap’s service with GamifiedApp’s convenience is User input, and the B2C’s delivery option for B2B is economies-of-scale. With self-employed and temporary jobs developing markets, local networked markets are divested. The market of a Global Workforce founds a totally virtual, telecommuting holding company, as employees will be choosing their own […]

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Emergent Gamified Generated Markets

Dematerialization With an early-stage startup, GamifiedApp‘s Distributed Ledger has P2P Blockchain Technology, and there is Digital Currency. Called “gami” with an ERC-721 Token of “SZT,” crowdsourcing information, launching a totally virtual, telecommuting holding company entity, there will be no office space, all employees are remote; all is needed is an internet connection. With 5G now […]

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Future Digital Assets

Programmable Crypto-economics With a blockchain layer that has a behavioral tree input, the user’s condition is for the Touchpoints And Revenue of GamifiedApp‘s Financial Services. Logging in agreements on a missing middle’s decentralized e-commerce’s Root Cause Annalyses, Ethnographic Gamified CRMS is at an intersect at where B2Cs and B2Bs are linked by smart contracts. Genertated […]

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Changing The World

Entertainment Marketing Entertainment Marketing, all an auteur, – an influencer evolves from any demographic root, so launching a domestic and totally virtual, telecommuting entity is a content producer, for brand owners – users as the B2C from GamifiedApp’s top-down expands use cases, for blockchain with its layer’s API is at where other things blockchain are […]

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Chinese Millennial And Gen-Z Consumers Gathering Data from an EPUB 3.0 of AGI is a design strategy, so Artificial General Intelligence is an abstraction with Natural Language Proccessing, and usage strategy of a proposed venture backed startup leverages machine learning from input. An emerging IP is launched by a Blockchain Web Game called SPACEZODIACS Warp […]