I was born on a Sunday of May 24, 1959. I am Scottish, Sicilian and French. I have been and am estranged from my family since my early teens. I have some college. I have no children and have never been married. I am Baptized Christain as a Nichiren Buddhist.



AI and NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS – its polish edit for publishing  is for a token digital asset and original cover-art will be added:

A serial killer in a massively multiplayer Virtual Spelunking online game that has a goal to present the Devil, it has been over-ridden by a re-dating of carbon – an Alien! Written as a stream of consciousness, Ronald Reese was role playing as serial killer. Juliana had role played as a seductress of a serial killer, yet her past had manifested into her virtual present. “The Rock Field Killer,” Ronald had taken the microchips out of cattle feeders that murderous day, and Chi Chi was raped in that dirt. Their destinies were changed by an extraterrestrial.


The novel will be a Token to connect, participate, and exchange value, and there is trajectory to access user created permissionless markets with decentralized e-commerce.

User is the b2c, and a missing middle’s benefit is from b2b’s adv: a kickstarter campaign will run simultaneous with the novel’s sales funnel.

Marketing and release to fund a blockchain web game  scales into a multimedia branded franchise with a technology convergence.

A totally virtual, telecommuting entity will form and all workers will be remote and or outsourced that is driven by AI as its culture.

Shenzhen China (mini studio)

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

Anime Feature

Tokyo Japan

explicit, graphic violence, nudity and sex


DRAGON STOMP: Raising The Reptilian Race

Beijing China

SHUIAJAN: A Flick’ring Lamp, A Phantom And A Dream

SAME SAME SO SO: Ars Gratia Artis

Copyrights, to retrieve:


  • WORMHOLE – TXu001117786. 120k words, eleven dimensional traversal.
  • FIELD OF BLOOD – TXu00117093. 120k words, 2nd law’s quantum self.


  • Blight Neighbor PAu001921598.
  • Cadaver PAu001989752.
  • Fetch PAu002093489.
  • Un Cuchillo En El Corazone PAu002130342.
  • The Devil’s workshop PAu002152986.
  • Upshot PAu002179560.

tv specs

anime tv, comedy