AGI’s Game of Life

Behavioral Data Maps Enhancing algorithms from user input is the output of product offerings, for sales channels of big tech’s Platform, Services and Games is GamifiedApp’s famework of a crypto project. With a Web-based blockchain game of SPACEZODIACS Warp Speed, user narrative’s self-brand overlaps become a decentralized ecommerce. Auxiliary financial products with crypto industry and […]

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Perception, Location & Map

This document -> A.J.McCready, the former starter of Longacres Race Track. Knowing about that rape, the culture of lies perpetuated will be clarified by me, a loop with the Department of Justice, the FBI and transparent with Gov and media. The President and acting DOJ await my follow-up to this => I had spoke with […]

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Cognitive Theoretic Model Of The Universe Experiential Streams Gami’s MAI Connections is a cryptocurrency, as the exchange in an infrastructure of Gamifiable‘s bottom-up scales digital assets from top-down user imput of GamifiedApp, Decentralized e-Commerce is a financial infrastructure that participates in the Marketplace AI governance of an Autonomous Programmatic Advertising Database. Bottom-up is from top-down […]

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Inside Pogo’s Head

Benevolent Artificial Intelligence Decentralization from input that adds value to private keys is from GamifiedApp‘s top-down, and fintech is the intersect of Gamifiable‘s bottom-up that drives MAI. Linking the user as the B2C with gaming and crypto, Blockchain Gaming is launched from an EPUB 3.0. White_Paper Output of Agile With the Web 3.0 marketing of […]

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Seed AI

Decentralized Exchanges Scaling gaming experiences based on a blockchain backbone that creates native in-game tokens drives seamless transactions with Decentralized Exchanges, as GamifiedApp‘s top down with Gamifiable‘s bottom up shares common database infrastructure with ledger technology, multiple parties are involved in the Proof of Provenance. Inputs in a decentralized asset exchange is for the verifiable […]

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Gamified Ethnographic CRM

Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Deploying programmatic adv for Marketplace AI from B2C input that is a B2B seamless crypto-economic ethnographic gamification between online and offline retail sales that is server-side rendered beyond Gamifiable’s autonomous database’s POP, this execution of financial services and products with a technology convergence, an AI and XR’s Perception with programmatic advertising […]

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Space Exploration

Tokenomics Delivering content on an ongoing basis from GamifiedApp‘s open source paradigm for information exchange and apps, value creation of users that are the B2C is permissioned from its  permissionless open source layer, as there is scale, stability, and security for a Governance Model and Blockchain Implementation with the bottom up MAI wrap, a permission […]

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